P A R T Y ! ! !
Well on Saturday, March 10th, I had a party. It started out as a small gathering of some close friends and ended with a ton of people hanging out till the wee hours of the morning. I think everyone had fun (I did). See the pictures below!

Mary, Maliha, Patty, Molly and Me!

Me and Nichole

Shelly and Jen battle at Foosball

Kirsten and Ken

Catherine, Ronnie and Christopher

Lynn and Adam

Ryan and Erin

Nichole & Dave (a night without the baby!)

Nichole, Rich, James and Dave

Jared, Molly and Rich

Shari, Mary and Jay

Jared, Cindy, Barb, Cookie, Rich and Jenny Poo

Reggie and Kirsten

Me & Mary Bo (she wanted to win so I had to play J)

Molly, Maliha, Chris and Mary Bo

Dave, Nichole and Lynn

Angela and James

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