September 11, 2001

I don't want to talk about it anymore. I don't want to see the images anymore. I don't want to hear the sounds anymore. I am donating, I am giving, I am remembering, I am waving my flag, I am crying. It doesn't help. It was the worst thing ever to happen. Beyond that, what more can be said?

from a friend, 9/14/01

"Watching and reading and talking about all this horror for four days straight has produced a unique kind of exhaustion. On top of that, there's the strain of "acting normal" and forcing yourself to concentrate on things -- work, grocery shopping, school, whatever -- that don't seem to have a whole lot of meaning right now. And then there's the near-physical act of hoping: for the success of rescuers, that the friends and family of victims can find peace, that our country isn't heading someplace truly awful. All that..

... So we're looking forward to this weekend. We plan to spend as much of it as we possibly can demonstrating how grateful we are to be here. Visiting / calling / writing the people we love, eating a towering piece of chocolate cake, finding a patch of freshly mown lawn and breathing it in ... all sorts of great things...

...It feels corny, writing this. But that seems to be the one silver lining to this monstrous event: Nothing's corny this week. Not patriotism, not heroism, not "happy to be alive"ism. We just hope you can find your way to celebrating that side of things, if not this weekend, then soon.."

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