Mommy, Daddy and baby (me...)
There are more pictures on the "updates" pages...

Shari and Me

Alecia, Mikey and Me.
Check out my Summer 2001 for additional pictures

Rich and me

Maliha, Lynda and Me
See Halloween
photos on my Fall 2000 page...

Ken and Ronnie

Nichole and Riley
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Shari, Cookie and Me

Ken and me
Winter 2000/01 was a picture perfect season as well....

Lynn, Me and Kathy

Me and James (um, that's lowfat ice cream, honest)

Michelle, Mary, James, Me & Charlie

How about checking out Spring 2001....

Alecia, Mikey, me and Daddy

Me, Mikey, Alecia, Pez & Petula


Brennan and Me
If I were you, I would take a peak at Summer 2000....

Me and Cathy

Mary, Emlyn and Me
It might be a cool idea to look at my silly funpage.

Bridget and Me

Mary Bo, Ma-maliha and Me
I had a reunion in 2000 (10 whole years...)


Me, Shelly and Ronnie

Maliha, Mary, Lynda's baby, Ethan and Me.

Cindy, Rich, Jen, me and Lisa

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