Everything is better when Spring rolls in...

I love Spring. It's a couple things. The weather gets warm (and we've already established my loathing of the cold...) and everything feels brighter, happier. I can start jogging outside again (because everyone knows I jog everyday J ).

It also means Hockey Playoffs start. Caps are ahead in the SouthEast division and on their way to another playoff bout. Go Caps (by the way, donations are now being accepted for my playoff ticket package. Send check payable to me)!!


March 11th, Comeback of the year against Ottawa
(I screamed and cheered until I had no voice)

Well in early March I had a party. It started out as a small gathering of some close friends and ended with 40+ people hanging out till the wee hours of the morning. I think everyone had fun (I did). Click here for pictures.

I think I am finally getting over Jeff (Halpern, you know, my hockey player stud?). He has a girlfriend and I have seen them around town and, well, it looks like it's over for us J .

Party pics
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for more)

I think we all had fun!
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