It's Hockey
Time again and the Caps raised the SouthEast Division Banner October 6th!

Jeff Halpern (11) doesn't know it yet- but he is soo mine!
(click here for me & Jeff at MCI & here for us at Piney)

Olie was out for a few weeks but he's back now. Go Caps!!!!

Halloween 2000

Halloween was a ton of fun this year: a couple of parties, lots of great costumes and two celebrities.

That isn't a Roger Clemens costume

(this was a cute guy... that's all)

Mike was one of a group of bare bottomed Zorro's. Alecia was a cheerleader.

Slapshot went as a pumpkin (you almost couldn't recognize him).

Me and Kathy, MD.

Man, now I have to start thinking
of what to wear next year... J

This is my new Cat- Jiggly Puff. I call her smushy puffy face but she answers to anything, really.

She is small- 6lbs and all fur.

Check out more pictures from my brother's Halloween party in New York.
Nothing else really going on right now. I'll keep you posted!
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