A little hotter than I expected...


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I skipped the Spring '02 update. I wish I could say it was because of my whirlwind adventures abroad but it's not. I get lazy sometimes. No, really.

It's not worth filling in everything that happened between winter and now, BUT a few mentionables: I went to Florida in January. I turned 30 in April. I finally made it to VEGAS in May. I got a new digital camera and now have way too many pictures of Puffy the smushy cat. Lots of happy hours and parties. My old college roomie, Lynda, had a baby boy. I went to NY about a thousand times. I met Spike!

Spike, I mean James, was very cute. My friend Lisa and I went to a SciFi convention (which I would never have done if not for James, nor will I ever do again). It was VERY crowded and the people were, well, they were exactly as depicted on TV, the Simpsons specifically comes to mind. People were seriously dressed like Star Trek characters... weird-os.

Vegas was great. I am already planning another trip in the fall. Click here for more Vegas pictures.

Florida in January was great. Played a lot of golf. It was sunny everyday which was a first for my annual trip. My golf game improved a little (but now it sucks again)... I don't know if I will go again though because the craps table in Vegas is calling...

Work is good, went to MacWorld Convention for a week in NY. Mom came in and visited. We had a great time. Had a magnificent view <- from the hotel. We went to the Jekyl and Hyde club, which mom loved and she even came to the convention (she's becoming a computer geek like the rest of us).

I have no idea what this picture is from but it makes me laugh. It's Gig in a wig. Crazy!


I saw Bruce Springsteen again. Did I mention before that he rocks? No. Seriously. ROCKS.

Stay tuned for more updates. Coming hopefully sooner than this one....
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