Okay, now it looks like skipping seasons is becoming habit. I missed Fall '02. This time it was because I was very busy. Recap:

In September I adopted a kitten for Puffy. Her name is Lily and she is a hyper kitty. I have taken way too many pictures of them.

  • Puffy's Page
  • Lily's Page
  • Puffy & Lily Page

Hockey season started again in October. The Capitals were not off to a very good start but it's getting better now... hopefully they will keep it up and make it to the Playoffs this year...

The parents came to visit me in October. They are cleaning out the NY house and brought me boxes of stuff from the attic. Among the treasures were my Smurf collection and my Barbies (what is left of them). I didn't realize there were so many Smurfs :0

I went to Vegas again. Yes- twice in one year. I actually took my vacation from work, went out there and met up with Shari (who moved to LA this past Fall). We had a blast. I won a bit of money, gave some back and broke even for the trip. We stayed at the Paris Hotel and had a view of the Eiffel tower outside our window. We saw Mystere at Treasure Island and played way too much BlackJack. I also met up with Aunt Sandy, Uncle Murray and cousin Lori. AS and UM have a place in Vegas. Pictures from our trip are posted here.

I went to Lynn and Adam's for Thanksgiving. It was probably the best food I ever had for t-day (all hand made, from scratch, by Lynn- with a ton of butter). They also adopted a new kitten, Georgette, for Moose.


Moose and Georgette

Hannukkah was very early this year, right after T-day. So the Gersh's decided to celebrate on X-mas instead. I went up to NY for X-mas eve and had dinner and gift giving at Michael and Alecia's.

Still have no idea what I am doing for New Year's Eve but will spend it with friends and positive thoughts for the new year.

Stay tuned for more updates... Peace in 2003.

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